There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, January 15


When did talking to someone, sharing your thoughts and feelings, with no expectation or commitment, become a crime? A reason to isolate someone from your life?

Have we gotten so disconnected that we dont have any feelings whatsoever? I asked the angels the other day to keep the people out of my life that cant be friends to me. Always be ready for what you ask for.

I really feel sorry for my little man. He wont have a world of compassion or truth. He wont have the magic we learned in the sixties or seventies. People are self absorbed and imperialistic. I pray that one day without religion, or prejudice, i will be able to help restore the faith of people in the power of connection within each other.


  1. Unfortunately, some people in this world DO seem to be devoid of compassion. I will never understand. The best I can do is mourn them the loss of the love that I know.

    Hang in there, dear.

  2. I think there are many more of us who still hold values and friendships more dear than what might be perceived. And magic is created :o) You can have as much of it as you like!

  3. You will find when you want connection that you lose the superfluous.

    Then a whole new world opens

  4. what a wonderfully sincere post.

    Thank you. :)

  5. you just need to make his small corner of the world a very different place from what he sees outside.... the spirit you grow in him will become infectious to others..

    p.s. you never visit my blog anymore... i think we have broken up :(

  6. blurry: right on.

    eliza: thanks! I am just hoping out loud.

    tard: devoid of compassion. And even when they show glimmers of it, they end up punishing others when it appears to be a weakness. its just soul killing. ty. HUGS.

    kat: its true. it can be that way. i just find less of it than I used to.

    flutter: I always let go. I am a dive in to the pool head first kind of woman. the reason i wrote it was because I am being bitten by sharks at the moment. thats all there is to it.

    pissy: ty. glad to see you.

    slyde: i haven't blogged to well in a month or so. The holidays drag me down. didn't even have time to get a pedicure. or the desire.

    sad times. I don't visit your blog often, because i am firewalled from a lot of imbedded stuff. then forget to go in the evenings.

    extra hugs for you. :HUGS:

  7. He wont have a world of compassion or truth.

    why not? he will if you teach him to, and lead by example.

    if you're at odds with your world, he will be, too.

    if you look at things with a bright attitude, he will learn that from you.

    it is all up to you.

  8. Amen Rebecca!!!
    Keep the faith my sweet sister!

  9. becca: yes I will show him that.
    times are different. Just is as it is. and its NOT all up to me. I am only his mother. ;-)

    He has to think of his own attitude. That is the basis of self assurance and self esteem. I can only comfort him when the "outside (our bond)" attitudes affect him. He must learn to choose the compassion for his own.

  10. I'm with Rebecca.....
    Keep the faith xxoo

  11. siiiistor! you know that little guy. he is going to do fine. Sensitive and smart. Its easy to trust people and get hurt. Maybe I should teach him how to learn the boundaries and expectations.

    One day at a time. we are doing fine together!

  12. yes you are doing fine. from what i hear, he's a lovely, well-adjusted boy and that is due to you. and there will be a time for him to develop his own opinions and attitudes. but you're right. he can learn boundaries and other things from you, now. especially if he is a brilliant, sensitive boy. now is also the time for showing him compassion, and positive views so that you don't teach him to be cynical and snarky before his time. childhood is so special. innocence should be kept as long as possible. the world can wipe it away so quickly before you know it. it doesnt have to mean you're teaching him "denial" or to wear rose colored glasses, but show him the possibilities in this world. the possibilities of good. not just warning him about the bad stuff.

    but what do i know?

  13. also, a wise woman (leslie from RP) once told me something that has stuck.

    it isn't the fault of others if they don't measure up to our expectations. their best, may not be up to our standards, but that doesn't mean that it is not their absolute best. we have to sometimes see that, and let go of our (expectations of others. otherwise, we will continue to be disappointed by people and feel like we aren't getting what we deserve or need from others.

    also - we have to ask for what we need sometimes. most people aren't mind readers.

    these two "truths" have really hit home in my world and it has helped me a lot.

    (off soapbox)

    p.s. you're a great mom.

  14. Becca: wise words. I am as good a mom as I can be for the moment. He is a happy guy. but yea I do worry.

    i am learning to ask. ;-)

  15. you're awesome. person and mom.