There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, February 7


I had a horrific dream last night about being in prison. I wonder if that has anything to do with this "illness".

Pills, therapy, yea all that stuff works, it helps the conscious mind cope. But what about the subconscious mind?

Just some thoughts I have rumbling around in the balcony this morning.

edit: a positive thought? at least I am getting longer hours of sleep. for that I am grateful.


  1. Could be due to the depression. But also a bad dream can just be a bad dream. I'm not in a depressed state at the moment and I've had really bad dreams again lately....Hugs for you...

  2. karma: thanks. dreams are just dreams. hating when they happen a few days in a row though.

  3. can also be representative of being ready to be set free.

  4. Sometimes a bad dream can really put a damper on a day. It can be hard to shake off!

    I am leaving your neck of the woods (so to speak) tomorrow! I wish I could have met you in person!

  5. flutter: thought that exact thing this morning. thanks for the wisdom.

    cindy: me too! :sighs: safe journey.

  6. "To dream that you are in prison, signifies that you are being censored and not allowed to express yourself."

    Found this interpretation. But as I'm sure you know, it's more about how you see it. Hope you're feeling better today. I often find that bad dreams lead to good change. :o)

  7. Did you have any of these thoughts the day before the dream?

    - "I feel trapped"
    - "there are a lot of restrictions being placed on me"
    - "I hate my job"
    - "having to follow the rules"
    - "I am trapped in the image that they have of me"
    - "He/she will not discuss her feelings. He/she will simply not let me in"

    Not so sure I believe in dream interpretation. If so, I'm pretty fucked up. Last night I dreamt that I was Ben's ally on the "Lost" island. What could that mean?

  8. kat: good point. I did find myself being horrified by some of the images in that magazine. Thats the scariest part. and thanks. :hug:

    Earl: Maybe. Restrictions are coming from a lot of places right now. so that is primarily the source of it. But its just a transition phase, like all others. it will pass.

    TG. I think it means you watch to much video, or you want to be LOST.

  9. cool photo.

    yep, pills work. but only if you have a chemical imbalance...

    if you can think a positive thought, that's a good thing!

  10. ((hugs))

    I much prefer my manic spells to me depression spells.

    bad dreams always seem to tag along thru at least 1/2 the day for me.

    But just one look at my boys and my spirits can be lifted.....or along trail ride w/ my best horse friend, Scooter.

  11. becca: i believe it is a chemical imbalance.

    Liza: Hugs are the best! *goes to check her tag*