There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, February 17


Picture or Video 046I am visiting Napa Valley. I went to two wineries. Made meatloaf, and have seen 3 adult films which is unusual for me.

Here is one picture of the scenes thankfully i borrowed a camera.

more when I get back to southern california.

drink more wine. :-)


  1. oh napa is on of my favorite places on earth

  2. Which was unusual? The made meatloaf or the watching of 3 adult films? And were they adult films in the non-children's films kinda way, or, em, you know...the other kind?

  3. flutter: its beautiful. and bountiful.

    earl: i meant as in not spongebob, backyardigans or superman. Not the ones in the back behind the curtain in a shack on the dark side of town. :-)

  4. Oooh...lucky you. I misread your post and had to re-check. I thought you said you "met" Meatloaf in Napa Valley.

  5. what a lovely visit sistor!
    please come back and see us anytime and thanks again for the goodies and the amazing meatloaf!
    vino is good......

  6. Mel, I thought you meant the other kind of grown up films.

    Visit the Mumm Napa winery. It is great fun and the bubbles go to your head much faster! ;-)

  7. damn, and here i was hoping that you watched pornos all day :)

  8. I too thought of XXX films, but I would agree that 3 adult films would be unusual for me too.

  9. hehehehe, I thought you meant the other kind of adult too. And then I wondered if you ate meatloaf while you watched ;o)
    Oh how I miss Napa!

  10. Ive heard Napa is beautiful!

    I hope your having a good and relaxing time...

    er, adult movies eh?

    oh, okay, I get it!

  11. artful: ew. no! :giggles:

    sis: i miss you dear girl.

    Jay: next time, join in. its a great valley.

    cindy: schramsburg is better. ;-)

    slyde: well, um.. i don't think you could do without falling into a coma. that sh*ts boring. :yawn:

    OS: well, aren't we all in the mood for a little action! welcome. :)

    Kat: its lovely isn't it? meatloaf is one of my specialties. Maybe I should try filming porn with someone eating meatloaf off of them. food porn. :giggles:

    goddess: I wish I had a bag of money so i could invite all of you to come and visit for a few days.


  12. When you said "adult" I instantly thought of porn. My brain lives in the gutter, sorry. ;)

  13. tink: when you have kids, adult becomes a different term all together.