There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, March 28

Eric Hutchinson

Another newbie to my ITunes library Eric Hutchinson

You heard it here first (or maybe you didn't, lucky you). This is a very well edited CD and heavy on the production, so if you don't like that type of music, this may not be for you. I am a fan of all styles of production from raw to overproduced. I can't find a favorite here. They are all good. My personal selections from "Sounds Like This" are Outside Villanova, Rock and Roll, Food Chain and Ok Its Allright with me. A talented songwriter. I am going to post these lyrics from the song OH!, because I like the cleverness of them.

i got arrested in the dark of the night
the cop got restless as he read me my rights
he told me "im always envious of those that i jail
if i got locked up nobody'd come to help me post bail"
and i said "oh!"

went to a party on the side of a hill
met three latinas who had gotten their fill.
they told me "nobody ever gets us down on our knees
simply to help us take a load off our feet."
and i said "oh!"

and im never sure what i'm living for but it's always on my mind
someone comes along always proves me wrong think im gonna be fine

i picked a pocket just to give it all back
took out the license left the money in tact
the man said "i wanna thank you" and i had to ask why
"That was the old me I was living a lie"
and i said "oh!"

riding the subway with the scent of her hair
she took out a toothbrush started using it there
she explained "im always sure today's the day i will die
i wanna look good if i get to look god in the eye"
and i said "oh!"

and im never sure what i'm living for but it's always on my mind
someone comes along always proves me wrong think im gonna be fine

we get lost in the back of our minds
got nothing to burn but time time time
everybody's got the love but they keep it inside

met an acquaintance we were reintroduced
with more in common than we had in our youth
she told me "you look the same" i said "i'm now a new man"
she asked me "how does that work" "i started giving a damn"
and i said "oh!"

For my money you can use the word OH too many times but I love his music. Find some and enjoy for yourself.

And on a sadder note? I will never EVER be the The Pioneer Woman. Ever.... I know your disappointed mom, but my life is a little too surreal to be served on white bread. I love you despite it all anyway! :kisses:


  1. I'm dumping everything on my ipod and looking for new tunes so I will have to look Eric up.

    I read the Pioneer Womans most recent post just before I got to your blog. Marlboro Man is like the modern day Mr Darcy without the social awkwardness or poncery.

  2. I've got to re-do my iPod one of these days too.

    We've got over $100 on our iTunes account just waiting to be used up.

  3. I have no iPod, only iCDs... (which are just CDs but sound cooler)

  4. Kisser: You wont be sorry. There are a bunch of interesting artists on the Hotel website.

    Earl: You gotta do that, H.I.

    OOkami: CD's are so five minutes ago. The thing I miss about tactile music packaging is liner notes. yea.

    Check out Eric. He is good. Also a New Orleans musician called Clint Maedgen