There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, April 15

My New Space

Whose spanky new House & Gardens style kitchen is that? Can you say MINE!? Hallelujah our little family has a new home.

I moved to California 2 years ago. I took the first place that came up. I found a great place to live but it was a studio apartment. Big enough for a small boy and a mom. He grew, as kids often do, and we were busting at the seems. I started looking for a larger place. Not knowing if I could afford to stay here, I was half hearted about the search. Its an overwhelming feeling of knowing you may not be able to stay safely in atown you love due to finances. I trusted the forces that guided me here in the first place to continue to provide. I started cruising the Craigslist for weeks looking. I found our new apartment on a lark.

I went to look at an apartment I knew I couldn't afford with out financial help and didn't have a very good feeling about the space. I did have a really good feeling about the realtor. She is fantastic. After looking at the apartment, I kind of looked at her sadly saying, I am just not feeling it. She says, well I have an apartment coming open on another street that isn't listed and names the price. I said, I will TAKE it, sight unseen (extremely affordable 2 bedroom for my luxurious community)! I wrote down the address and did a quick drive by. I called her later saying, "Show it to me". Ended up going the next day and filled out an application. Two days later she calls me saying its yours! Amazing how quickly things can turn when its meant to be.

We had a month to pack up our few belongings and prepare the show for the next big top location. I hadn't told the kid about our new place yet. And for a few months now he was saying, mommy we need a bigger apartment. (I think he kept overhearing me saying I hated our old apartment!) I took him by the week before knowing the tenants had moved out, and the workmen were inside painting. He was very excited to see his room. "It has two windows", was his most excited statement. This new place has light and windows we didn't have before.

The big day came on Saturday. A friend of mine offered to come up and take the kid for the day to the zoo and keep him occupied. We all went to IHop to get started on caffeine and eggs. Then the move began. Within 2 hours time, we had everything relocated. I had gone to the store the night before and bought stuff to make margaritas and fajitas. Everyone was sweaty and dirty when we started mixing up the margaritas. I stood in the kitchen after all the moving and cut up eggplant, squash, peppers, onions, pounded out my frustrations on some marinated flank steak and put some lime juice on some tilapia. We drank. We ate chips. We met the neighbors. We spilled a drink christening the new apartment. It was a such a lovely way to break in our new home. Here is the crew satiated and sweaty!

That night the kid was ASLEEP by 9. I was having my last beverage after the BEST shower I have ever had in my life. I felt all new and satisfied after that and slept alone in my bed in the new apartment! I am moving forward. I made this happen. But without assistance from my "family" I wouldn't have made it. I am grateful to you all. Words will never express my gratitude.

More Adventures please!!!


  1. This is so wonderful, melanie!

  2. the new place looks awesome.. grats!

  3. WOW~~!

    I am so HAPPY for you :)

    what a great looking group of friends and kiddo you have.

  4. Hey, I recognize a couple of those people!