There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, May 30

Down at the Crossroads.

Challenge on. I would love to be this lonely guy for a day.

As I pull up into the parking lot of The Crossroads, I almost hit this tall blonde babe and her friend walking towards the door. She gives me that oblivious to the world, go to hell look gorgeous women seem to have down to an art. As she turns around, I noticed her thong under those jeans. Wonder what else she has going on under there? Promising.

I downshift the GTO into the nearest spot, grab my pool cue and jump out. Mind talk as I walk towards the door. Rodger owes me a buck or two and it was payday. Ohh yea - Crusty bastard is on duty tonight and will "buy" us a couple of shots. And a possible blonde with matching carpet? The night was righteous already.

Walking past the bouncer, "Hey Tiny! Is anything around?"

"You know Wiley, he is the coyote of the place. He walked in a bit skitzy an hour ago. Back bar I believe"

"Thanks Tiny"

I squeeze in through the first room jam packed with glamatoids. The usual Friday night bar band was off key in the background covering some old techno tunes. Why can't we get any good music in this town? I kept moving towards the first bar.

"Hey Hippie... pass the brew."

"Slacker!!!! Always a pleasure to see a consummate conniving bastard like yourself slumming down here at The Crossroads freak show."

"Thanks Sage. Can you saddle me up a whiskey shot too?"

"Whats the verdict Knob? Woodford?"

"Lets do a Makers for tonight. Follow me up with a Shiner. And get yourself one."

"Done. I think you got an idea there. Gracias."

I pass the earnings over to the older gentleman wearing a tye-die shirt saying Achieve World Peace (kill everybody).

"Now Sage? Someone might think you were on a mission wearing that rag on your chest. Have an argument with the old lady?"

"You know how she is. All talk no action. Another freakin day in paradise! Lets do these shots."

Laughter then drinking. We share a smile the working masses know all too well on a friday night.

"You got your cue with ya. Is it ass spankin time?"

"Is there any good competition in the house?"

"King Louis just walked in with his entourage. He has been drinking heavily."

Louis really was the king. He was an aging pool star with the style of Ray Martin. Just playing with the man was a lesson in itself. I never relinquished an opportunity to be on the same table. Legend. A real legend. But his drinking was getting worse and he was getting sloppy. I had been trying to stick a cue up his ass for a couple of years, only to be repeatedly spanked, shot down, humiliated. I knew one day the booze and the women would take its toll. It was just a matter of time before I bested him.

"Off to rattle his cage. Get yourself a blow job - loser!" Smile and slam Russell's tip down on the bar.

"Good Luck, Johnny" Russell shouts. I cruise through the beaded curtain to the back room.

I hear the beads rustling as my cue makes it through the curtain. The jukebox is playing Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger. I look across the smoky room and there sits the King, smoking a Cohiba and drinking bourbon. My kinda guy. I hate that bastard. And who is on his arm? Blonde. Parking lot. Damn.

The guys are waving me over like a bunch of chimpanzees. Obviously they had been there a while. "Johnny, OVER HERE!"

So much for a quiet entrance. Now for the attack. Chest out. Eyes averted and wolf-like. I approach the reason for the evening in a style that fits the room. Ready for anything.


  1. Nice job, Mel. I liked this. You have some good language flowing.

  2. You men and your blonds. Brunettes are way more fun. ;)

  3. joe: i think i could write a few short stories. want to edit?

    mammarie: i am a brunette. I prefer to be thought of as something that is sought after, not eye candy.

  4. This has a great rhythm to it. I like your dialogue. And, I adore the word glamatoids. It's my new favorite word.

  5. Gotta pass Mel, I'm a sucky editor.

  6. anymommy: made it up while i was writing this.

    Joe: aw.. i was hoping to get to see your knees... LOL.

    thanks anyway.

  7. You really don't think guys think/talk that way do you?

  8. earl: I have hung out with this guy. Heard him talk this way. Many times. But I don't believe that all men are like this, or that they should be.

    do you want me to write about the metro sexual guy? would you think a woman wrote it?

  9. No...I just didn't realize you were talking about a specific guy, and I was hoping that wasn't your "what guys think like" generic guy. That's all. :)

  10. no dear. i prefer someone in the middle of both ends.

    its just a story.