There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, May 23

What do Kids Know?

Our morning began with the investment of filling up my gas tank, then stopping at the doughnut shop for his breakfast. I mentioned to my son, maybe we should get a few extra doughnut bites for his buddy N.

The lil guy says, "If he is at school" then pulls his long face and a sigh.

I said, "I bet he is back today. He has been out a long time".

Sure enough he was. We walk in and N's mom says we were just talking about you! Funny how they were kind of shy at first. Following with smiles and sharing books and stories. Interesting to watch them interact, building a "best friend" ship with each other. He had been out sick all week long. They missed each other so much, we had to have a 45 minute phone call the other night. They were making farting noises, laughing, talking about Spiderman and the Power Rangers. The little guy has even made a friend with the little girl that lives upstairs. But she is no N.

After realizing I no longer existed in my sons eyes for the moment, I left for work. N has a little sister G. She is about one year old. N's mom and I were walking to the parking lot talking about our getting together for the weekend, what times, etc. G looks at me and reaches her little arms out for a hug wanting me to hold her. What a sweetie. Holding little beings just so they can be held and loved is so relaxing. And affirming.

What do children know? They know how to live in the moment. Be in that space comfortably and assuredly. Something most adults find difficult to do. Today I affirmed a long ago decision that I want to work with children somehow. They aren't simple and easy, but they sure do have a loving touch. And its normally unconditional. A little more expensive than a pet, but well worth it for the education.

go git one yursef. or even better, make one. *giggles*

weekend news:

I hope you all have wonderful weekends. Mine starts with the festival at the mission with my good friends J & C. Then as you know, a cook out. Then Sunday... the long awaited Indiana Jones movie! (love that song. LOVE it) and then playing in the park and an early night. And Monday? The relaxing sounds of the waves. all... day... long!!!!!

take care and make memories. I will be here on Monday for a memorial day post. ciao.


  1. i just snuck out of work so i could see indy... i have to say i was alittle dissapointed... ill be interested to hear your take.

  2. *sigh* I miss having little children around...can't wait for grandbabies! :)

    your weekend sounds great! hope you enjoy it! :)

  3. Is the one on the right Frodo?

  4. slyde: I think that Spielburg is amazing. You have to remember that he introduced us to Indy sooo long ago. And what great effects that first movie had. But I do have to say there are some scenes... well, that don't measure up to his standards. I wonder who wrote it.

    pissy: He is a love. And a bit of a imp at times.

    Diesel: Thats my son. Maybe he is the next Frodo. :wink:

  5. Your little man is adorable. I love baby hugs! That's why I steal my friends baby once a week for an over night- "to give her a break" but really just so I can hug her up!