There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, July 24

The Gift of Life

We are all gifted with our lives. That is my belief. Life is a gift that you have been given and YOU choose what to do with it. Remember that word. CHOOSE.

I have preached this sermon before. This line of thinking came to me while I was still a young girl, but really struck home in my first logic class in college. The teacher was giving us a formula for logical progression, if this is true and this is true then the out come is this. Don't remember what the formula is named. A "privileged" young man in my class was trying to debunk the theory with his example, "attending college". He was being a smart ass, saying, my parents made me come to school. I got upset that he was wasting my time with his drivel. It was time to speak up. I mentioned to him the reality of his lazy words, then said, "The real truth is every thing you do in life requires a choice of some kind. Even conscious breathing. You could have chosen not to listen to your parents. And chosen something else." We continued on this vein of conversation, and the young man NEVER got the point of my words. He wasn't ready to give up on the "victim" role just yet. We all have our little dramas going on in life that allow us to not be connected to ourselves or a part of a whole. Victims, drama queens, super-hero's, over achievers, blamers, florence nightengales, etc.

I decided to write about this today when I came across the blog of a mentor/friend of my mothers. She is a woman I have met quite a few times and counseled with. Her name is Ann McMaster. She is a person that lives her life uncovering her truths and assists others in rediscovering theirs. This is a very note worthy undertaking and I feel honored to have been a part of her teachings and counseling. Her blog entry rekindled in me the ability to make choices we each have. And how important they are.

I met her through a program that I have been involved off and on with called More To Life. This is not just a self help awareness training. Its a way to find peace and a better life. I don't subscribe to any one theory of living. I choose to find the paths that work for me and try to stay on them. My choices lean towards self degradation, as I have very low self esteem. This program awakened me to that shortcoming. Or should I say it helped me discover how seriously deep the "unworthy" complex ran in my own personae. It also gave me the tools to help fight it off when it reared its ugly head every single second of my day. It helped me become less reactionary, more positive and more aware.

I HIGHLY recommend this seminar to anyone that I know friend or foe. I realize not everyone can handle the raw truth of their life. People all deal with things in a different way. But think about this, while making these choices we all have, wouldn't it be gracious if you could connect from the pure point of now as opposed to drawing on experiences the past or worrying about the future? Its a very free feeling knowing that you are comfortable with whatever is happening inside you and trusting the universe to work with you at any given moment. This program helped me be able to look people in the eye with confidence, knowing I was ok. Even more than Ok. I was me. And that being me was pretty great and worthy.

Sighs. As all things in life, ups and downs are a given. Especially with the way the economy is going and the current world affairs. But, learning how to deal with issues in a proactive method that is the ultimate challenge for me. I challenge you to do the same. Discover yourself and what your mind tells you is true and what the REAL truth is. The mind is a tricky piece of meat that you can outwit if you don't listen to what YOU programmed into it.

The gift of life has come to me in the form of a small guy who is smart and has a lot of really cool questions to ask me. I want to be able to have some really cool answers to give him. And smile while we both learn. every, single, minute.

Choose your LIFE! There are still people in this world who care about you even if they don't know who you are. Because who you are is important. We are all connected.


  1. What a great post! I absolutely agree... for the most part. Sometimes life throws you things that are completely out of your control. But for the most part, we are given a choice. People need to realize that and stop playing the victim. There's this girl at my job who complains, EVERY DAY, about the state of her life. You'd think she was chained to that desk. It makes me sick, and sad, and angry.

  2. Yes Tink. Things get thrown at us. But even in that we are given the opportunity of how we choose to deal with it.

    thanks for the comment. wasn't sure that anyone read it! :kiss:

  3. wow. THANK YOU. you have no idea how timely this is for me. i can't wait to get into it!

  4. I'm a More To Life student as well, and a huge fan of Ann Mac. Thanks for the share. I hope more and more people look into More To Life, cause it is... well, indescribable and life-changing.