There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, July 2


Sorry that I have been slacking. To date this week?

My Space Has sucked my brain out of my head... :giggles: Its a vast ocean, of people and musicians. You can hear all kinds of music there. NEW music, without purchasing it (which any poverty stricken gas buying consumer knows is the last on the list when you need food n stuff) and I feel back in touch. And finding new music. Flirting a little too. That doesn't hurt.

Has anyone else gotten into Imeem? Made your playlists? Uploaded songs? Looked for songs that you can hear online? I have a renewed interest in music. wopeeeee!!!!!!

I watched No Country for Old Men. I was really pissed when the good guy died. And the main character will always be psycho for me no matter what role he plays. May have changed his career forever. I should watch it again, but I sent it back to Netflix.

There are fires close to my job. People I work with live close to this fire. I am worried for peoples safety.

My son is in Day Camp. He comes home everyday wanting to still be outside, and falls asleep around 8 pm! Thank you almighty FSM for the extra hours of parent time in the evening. I bless George who heads up this camp. Poor thing. When i walked in the other day all the kids were whining about something! i mean its a serious whine-fest in a group of five year olds. I said, do they whine all day LONG? He rolled his eyes and said OH yea. This is mild. I bet he wants to change his name, like I want to change mine from mommy sometimes.

I spend some of that free time reflecting on what I really want from my life here. What do I need to do next to keep moving forward. I need some studio space or a corner of my house to put up an easel and paint. ("manifests positive thoughts of creating her next level".)

What the heck am I going to get my dad for his birthday? sighs.

What the heck am I going to do on the fourth of july? thinks about food and fireworks.

Back sooner than last time.


  1. I think we've all been too busy to blog much lately. Don't feel bad. Be careful with those fireworks. Enough fires are already burning!

  2. Sokay...with the wonder of site feeds I get to catch up with everyone. Even when they slack.

    I feel stupid asking this, exactly does one do on MySpace? I've visited a few that my friends have set up and all I can say is "I don't get it".

  3. LOL about the day camp whining.

    Does your Dad still live in the Great State? Get him a ThermaCell. These things really work to keep the mosquitoes and black flies away!

    That's all I got right now.

  4. i dont get myspace either..

  5. ECD: thanks. I didn't shoot off fireworks. I was relaxed.

    earl: Music. for me? MySpace is all about music. New music. old music. and being single? a little mindless flirting as well.

    CindyD: thanks for the suggestion! I found a really cute shirt on that says "i wish somebody would do something about how fat I am". he will laugh.

    slyde: nothing to get really. i look for music, there is celebrity gossip, if you like that sorta thing, etc. its a "do" thing. a time suck. thats all.