There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, September 12

Ankle n Ike

So, final pre-op meeting for ankle fusion surgery with Dr. P was yesterday afternoon. Allograft of tibia bone for the ankle, then four screws. Screws placed in an X formation from leg bone into the foot. Then two screws above and parallel to my ankle above. Sound like fun? Only at the airport in the future. (lol). The good news is NO MORE PAIN (after recovery of course). I will have full rotation but the front to back movement will go from 100% (which i don't really have anyway) to 70%, best case scenario. I will be six weeks no weight bearing (much less than I thought). I can start swimming and biking in six weeks! I feel so much better about finally taking care of my ankle... of course until I found this,, ligament restructuring website. Who knows about that? I am guessing Dr. Pearson doesn't. Thankfully I will not have to take Vicadin, which is a worthless drug for me. He did step it up to something stronger.. And remember my tongue in cheek joke about Valium? He wrote me out a script (I did NOT ask for them. I swear). I was so tempted to ask for some extras for the visiting caretakers.

Speaking of the parents... Guess where they live? Houston. Yea.. HOUSTON! And who is coming to visit the day before they are scheduled to be here? Ike.

So.. Ike, a massively wide storm, is scheduled to hit Galveston today (yea right like hurricanes have a schedule). I called my parents this morning. People have been evacuating from Galveston for a week. They were thinking about driving to Austin to fly out, I suggested Dallas. But the roads going north and west are so jammed, they are better off waiting it out to see if the power stays and they can fly out on Sunday as planned.

I found this blog on Weather Underground (don't you love that site?). Keeping abreast of my Texas family and friends who live close to the coast. That place is going to be SOOOGY!

Prayers and good vibrations extended. I pray once the eye hits land it dies QUICK. And seeing as Houston used to be a swampland, that the inevitable flooding doesn't last to long.

All that said, aren't hurricanes an amazing phenomenon? Too bad it causes so much havoc on the population.

Oh and on a closing note.. there is ONE thing i forgot to ask the doctor. I am bidding on THESE as a reward of my bravery & an incentive for the spring. (I wont be fully recovered for 3-4 months) Wonder if will still be able to dance? I so want to tap. yea baby.


  1. ah, its enabbled as in: "left a mark"

    well, duh on me, for gnott glookink maw clervrlycloselyattentively as in butter, get it fixed, be well and be glad of stibble

    i know of torso pointing out bit pain, its sux, get well and the bilikng, i hear, yum.... and the skydiving and everest climbing for YOU, i say

    butter and chelsea, chelsea with butter

  2. if you need someone to give you a good foot massage after the ankle surgery, im your man...

  3. God made swamps for bugs and birds and we insist on living in them. Rome, Washington D.C., New Orleans, all bogs once, all built up now, bulls-eye targets for bad weather.