There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, September 24

Four more weeks, then six.

So the doc says to me yesterday... Looking good! Yea and that's what it looked like before he put on a hard cast. I guess its a good sign. Bad news? well its not bad news, just realism. I have 4 more weeks non weight bearing. Then a following 6 weeks in a walking cast.12 weeks of TLC to my new ankle.

To date? I have fallen twice. Once in the bathroom, someone didn't wipe up after thier shower and once right after I left the drs. office yesterday. Literally in the lobby of that medical building. I am an expert faller though. I threw my bad leg out from underneath me and it never touched the ground. Stunt Mel, oh yea. ;-)

My parents came just in the nick of time to help me with the first three weeks. (I admire my parents so much by the way without them, this wouldn't be happening. Literally. They are wonderful generous people, and will be blessed for all they do) But they leave the weekend before I head back to work. And I need people to come in the evenings to help me with the little man for the final three weeks of non weight bearing. And to help me if i fall. Maybe do a load of laundry. I am hiring someone to help me at least one day a week, a professional companion). NO, not that kind.. much to my dismay. I am trying to lining up friends to take one night a week as a designated, feed a friend night. So far a few very awesome friends I have from this place have committed to time to become engaged in this project. I don't need them to provide the food, just help me prepare it and help me with the demanding midget. I promise good healthy food, witty dialogue and a long warm hug as a reward. Maybe a glass of wine (but not for me).

I know all is going to be well. I am keeping my eye on the ball... The results of this procedure are all that matters. And having supporting friends to relieve my stress is one of the most healing things I can think of. Thank you universe for your wisdom and abundance.


  1. Friends are family we get to choose and, in my opinion, are a blessing from God.

    I wish I could help...

  2. iwish you lived closer in general. I would love to spend some time with you!


  3. Hey There! Voice of Experience Logging in!

    I had ankle surgery 20 years ago. 16 weeks non-weight bearing.

    If you do not have one kitchen chair or a stool on casters, buy or borrow one. You can bend your leg at the knee, put your foot on the wheelie behind you, use the good leg for propulsion and have two hands free to do whatever you need (so long as you do not have shag carpeting. That might slow you down). Hell, I moved faster that way than I did on two legs.

    Good luck! This will pass faster than you think, and then you'll have your life back!!


  4. HUGS beanie... big hugs. thanks for the suggestion!!!!!!!

  5. You are a Woman, therefore You are strong in deep and indescribable ways, and You will endure and someday this will all be just a memory, sweetened by the recollection of the friends who stood by You.