There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, October 6

Another Fall.... Literally

My life is a comedy of errors.. Another fall. This time i am at Shoreline Beach Cafe. We decide to sit up on the deck as its more stable for a gimpy gal. The 16 year old hostess sets us at table that was so wobbly, if the wind blew it would have spilt your water. I asked my friends, this isn't good is it? In case I needed to get a grip, I would be SOL. We asked if we could move to the next table. Wood, sturdy, etc. I turn my chair slightly to raise myself out of it slowly. The next thing I know the chair breaks and I am going DOWN!!!!! No one at my table was close enough to help. The men (I use that term as a gender descriptor ONLY) at the table next to us laugh. People are staring at me. Someone says, now that's embarrassing. For who me? or them? The chairs were the stack able ones you pick up at Costco cheap for outdoor dining. Again I say, what do I have to be embarrassed about? Now seeing as i am in this cast, you would think that people would be jumping up to help. Fuck no! Now, my friends that are with me did attempt. But, the busboy, the waiters, the owners? Nothing. The manager never came over, the waitress never even comped us a drink or offered us any kind of apology. What a sad sad world we live in. And you guys out there? The people that laugh at others misfortunes instead of assisting them? How humiliating that must be for you.

The ideas that spring to my mind? Entitlement. Humiliating those less fortunate. Forcing your way to the top by stepping on others. Sure its an age old story. And we all know the end too.. It all goes to hell. Current financial situation pretty much sums it up. huh?

I was not injured too badly, a few bruises on my arm and leg, but i was fine. I wasn't even humiliated. I did get a righteous headache, a pain in my ass and in operated on ankle later that day. Its not my fault the restaurant was so cheap they bought patio furniture from Kmart/Costco to use at their tables. I was fine. I also got a few good laughs out of it from some sitting close by. I should have shouted if that was such a great show, buy me a fucking beer!!!!!!!

You can bet this is going to be (a little more professionally written then) sent to the local paper as well as to the manager of the restaurant itself. Accidents happen to everyone. I know all to well about that. But ignoring a customer that could potentially sue you for an entire cost of a new ankle fusion surgery? Dumb. Very ignorant, elitist, oblivious, disrespectful and dumb.

But the surf was awesome yesterday. And the food? not bad!

stay tuned for more, falls from the woman who should obviously never leave home!


  1. I'm glad to see that you're writing to the manager -- actually, you should write to the OWNER.

    And I think a little Op-Ed in the local paper won't hurt a bit. Focus on the breakdown of common courtesy and increasing backlash against the disabled in society.

    Sorry you were hurt, bellissima. (hug)

  2. I'm so sorry that happened to you, and appalled at the rudeness and callousness of those around you.

    I hope you will consider suing the restaurant so that this kind of thing never happens to another person who favors them with her business.

  3. There are times when lawsuits are frivolous and hardly justified. There are other times when they teach a very hard lesson to people too stupid or thoughtless to learn any other way.

    And what kind of morons would laugh to see someone fall down and get hurt?

  4. Get yourself a lawyer
    and sue their fucking ass.


    Same shit happened to
    my mom. She won.

    - -
    Father Luke