There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, October 2

Cous Blog off Thursday (CBOT) ~ Meltdown

My cousin and I agreed, this weeks topic? Meltdown. (edited this out.. Nothing says meltdown quite like a little person who wants something he knows he cant have and he asks the grown ups say no over and over again.) A Meltdown. The most recent example i can think of starts with my son. Toddlers have a way of working themselves up into a frenzied meltdown than asking for repeatedly for something they can't have. Or being asked to preform some kind of task they don't want to do. It becomes obsessive manipulative behavior at a point. This is when the meltdown starts. Mind churning up info that isn't true so the drama can continue till they get some kind of attention. Now I have to explain a few of the happenings in my current state to set this particular occurrence.

If you visit me here at all, you already have the info on my selective "surgery".I am laid up. Non weight bearing. You can see my new cast! This happened Tuesday, staples off. During my recovery, both my mother and father have been here. Taking care of me and Austin. And as mothers are, she has been diligent about cleaning, doing laundry, etc. I have helped when I could by doing dishes, some sweeping, folding laundry and putting away. Pa-Pa has been basically in-charge of the Austin. To and from school bathing, play some games, etc. We have had a wonderful visit. I know its a total shocker... aside from the few issues that have plagued their marriage historically, we have really enjoyed each others company. That being said, its going to be sad to see them go. And I really mean that.

So we went grocery shopping on the day I got my perty new cast. I suggested we pick up a frozen lasagna, so we wouldn't have to do any cooking. We got a bag-o-salad, pan-o-noodle, and garlic bread. Dinner is heated and served. Yea us! We get home fix dinner. The kid was excited. He was out side playing with one of (his many) "girlfriends" Zoe. It came time for dinner. He came inside as requested. We sat at the table and started dishing out the food. He said, I don't like that(lasagna). (sighs) I proceeded to say, You haven't tried it yet. Its just spaghetti but the noodles are big and flat.

A-man, "I hate spaghetti." now this is a total lie.

Mommy, "You love spaghetti, sucking in the noodles. And No, this isn't spaghetti, its lasagna. I have seen you eat lasagna at your school for hot lunch. We had lunch together that day."

A-man "NO, I didn't. I didn't eat that lasagna. It's NOT spaghetti." very snotty.

Mommy "That's true, its not spaghetti. Why don't you just try it? Here I will put some of the "white cheese" (parmesian) on it."

A-man "I dont LIKE white cheese." another total exageration.

Mommy "Yes you do. You use about a half a container on your spaghetti. Try it! Just take a bite."

A-man "You always want me to try stuff I don't like."

Mommy "You need to try new things. Besides i want you to tell me if it doesn't taste pretty much like spaghetti. And if you don't have any, you can't have any homemade ice cream. Maybe you should try the garlic bread first."

A-man "Dessert? I want dessert."

Mommy "Well, you have to a few bites of your lasagna first. Not all of it, but you have to eat some."

A-man, "No. You wont let me eat lasagna. And then I wont get dessert, because you wont let me."

He crawls under the table and three peoples feet. Crying and shaking.... talking about how I wont let him eat his bites of lasagna so he cant have his dessert.

Mommy "I said, stop crying. Thats not getting you dessert or out of eating anything. Why don't you go to your room and cry then come back in a little while."

A-man "You wont let me eat just let me eat one bite, and then have dessert. You never do." this is a true statement.

I finally get everyone to stop convincing him. I coerce him back to the table. He sits down.

Mommy" Austin. Let me have a bite of your lasagna. (mommy takes a bite) Man you know what austin? That sure tastes like spaghetti to me. What do you think?"

Then he took a bite. "Yes mommy it does." He proceeds to eat half a plate and half a piece of bread. And is rewarded with a sugarless fudgesicle. sheeesh. Its amazing how quickly kids get up from being down when it comes to desert.

We have a lot of stories like that. Meltdowns during meals. I think toddlers need them as a form of expression because they can't communicate what the real issues may be. Picking something they know they can't have, become obsessed it. Repeatedly asking for it. Trying to obtain it till its a meltdown. Parents really should have coaching and or psychological training to deal with this stuff. Its stressful. And can cause adverse reaction.

I won this battle. But not without a few psychological maneuvers. I am learning. Through each episode comes a kernel of wisdom. And one more grey hair!

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  1. This was very nicely done Cous. As the psychology improves the number of gray hairs lessen. Or so we hope!