There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, October 24

for you...

We found each other and that is wonderful. But for now, I am alone and I am tired of it. Patience isn't my virtue, nor is it my desire. My fears will be renewed with you about trust. I will give it and try to trust over and over again.

I want what I want when I want it like everyone else. I am not going to be a sucker for anyone ever again. Not even a soul-mate, so baby? for now? go ahead, you have my heart. Because I will accept you however you are. If you aren't going to do that for me? We both lose. Because I am done compromising. DONE.

I am too precious. I am offering you the world for a few tokens... You have the intelligence to realize how easy it would be to keep someone that would hold you forever. I believe in you.

I got a song for ya. (she should have included something about patience.. my weakest virtue)

Be Careful - Patty Griffin


  1. It's amazing how soon forever ends.

  2. Ends!

    That was a very heartwarming post. All I know is, unlike Mr. Wonderful, if it had been about me I would have spoken up here and acknowleded your feelings before now so the entire world would know you are taken.

  3. What is really disturbing are the people in this world who use the word "anonymous" as a badge of courage, and then step into very personal posts in the interior of a blog, and somehow try to spin the blog author's post into actually being about the anonymous poster. As far as acknowledging feelings, I wouldn't take your advice if you paid me, Mr. Anonymous, nor trust you as far as I could throw you. I think that you don't belong here, you are trouble, and you would do best to simply go about your business, before you get run off ANOTHER site.

  4. Leslie,
    I used annonomous because for some reason this site wouldn't recognize a user name and password when I tried to post my comment.
    As much as you may like to project your opinion into this to soothe your own resentments about men, you are wrong. Just as wrong as you are in thinking I have been run off any other websites. Unlike you this is not something I will spend two minutes on before going on with my life. This is my life. I love Melanie and have for years. I will still love her long after you and all the other misguided onlookers have had your laugh at our expense.

  5. You can keep ignoring me but you won't ever be able to ignore your heart. :wink:

  6. F.Y.I. It is not wise to post the name of your sons school and so much other personal information on these blogs. You really don't know these people who post here much less the ones who just cruise sites like these looking for victims. :wink: