There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, November 30

One Week

One Week. Yes...

Friday, November 28

Coworker dream

I had a dream about an ex coworker whom i always had a secret crush on and he had one for me. He is married now with children. I was working at a retail shop next to a restaurant/bowling alley. He and his friend walked in with his daughter. We saw each other and immediately were drawn to each other again. I decided as I saw him leave that I wanted to talk to him about our "past attraction". He was in agreement. He said, let me drop my daughter off and we can meet somewhere. I "borrowed" a dress from the store I was working at, I remember thinking this style really is flattering on me, and got commented on as I left.

We met by the ocean. We were in a parking structure climbing wooden stairs next to the ocean. It was a cloudy day and the waves were high. We kissed and both realized we may have passed up a really great opportunity, but that our lives were what they are now. And I returned to the shop the next day thinking, I am going to keep that dress no matter what it cost.

Wednesday, November 19


Today I was wheeling to my apartment talking on the phone. On the way to that, I hit a rock. Down she goes!!! The wheelie was on top of my bad leg. I hope I didn't damage my leg. It sure hurts. I am going to nap. Try and relieve some pain.

No sis. I have NO plans for Thanksgiving. Not even cooking. I will ask the child what he wants to do. We may end up going to the Beach! I wish we could have it together!

Now Christmas? I may have plans. :smiling:

Monday, November 17

Not Sleeping

And I don't know why. I think I am over excited actually. Maybe a bit anxious about some tickets I need to clear up before Thanksgiving. I have some nagging self indulgent worries about my mothering abilities. In addition, my mind is playing games with me about my ankle. And why I am not walking yet. Now there is someone new that calls to me from across the miles, keeping my mind further occupied with pleasant thoughts and images.

I am tired though! I wish I could sleep... sigh.

Saturday, November 15

More Dreams

Dont yawn and sigh. I am posting this dream question I made of a "friend" on a website I frequent,

Enjoy my dream and his response. I apologize for the lack of information, but there is a good reason for that which will become clearer as we enter the new year.

I wrote:
Dear Doctor Seagull,

I had a dream I was hired to take band photos of a touring show with many musicians. Bob Dylan was one of them. He came and sat in my lap while I was in my wheelchair. He was wearing a black mohair vest and a black fedora. He rested his head on my shoulder and was talking to me. I don't remember all that he was saying. One thing that rang clear he mentioned he was glad I was taking pictures. Then he got up and got on the Greyhound bus and took off with the other bands. I sat and went through my images.

Then thinking I should be heading down the road because I would be missing some really good pictures if I didn't.

What the heck?

mem (alwayssnappingshotsofthefamousandinfamous) sahib

The response:
Dear Mem,

It is obvious from your dream that you are conflicted between your desires to tell stories about this world, as evidenced by your dream-job of photographer, and your desire to stay in one place in a stable home life where you can be respectable. There is a very important job for you to do now, decide whether to go for fame and fortune or to choose the quieter fortune of stability.

Your choice.


Doctor (eeniemeenieminiemoe) Seagull

I enjoy a good answer to any question. I am polishing my rock star glasses as we speak.


Thursday, November 13


I have been very laxed lately in writting. I know that you are all missing me... (yawn).

The truth? I am still not walking. Not till thanksgiving, I think. I have an appointment the Wednesday before. So I work half days, come home, do some small tasks, nap, then on to my mothering position. Which hasn't been working out so well as of late, so I am taking my energies and concentrating them there.

I also met someone that has occupied a little bit more of my "spare" time. I am not gone, just taking my time in posting.

I apologize sincerely to my Cousin, whom I made a promise to about blogging. I feel like I have abandoned him. So, dear L., I am getting back on the shift. I am going to make sure that at LEAST I blog once a week with you. Mkay???

and to all a pleasant weekend. I hope that mine is going to be.