There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, January 15

Dreams ~ Blog Off

I am attempting to catch up with my cousin in the new year! Thursday blog off's. This week's theme is dreams. Thankfully this month's dreams have been chock full of symbolism. And dreaming about a friend. Last night was no different. We were at the Car Wash. Washing the car, etc. then some romping around after hours. But that's not what Blog is about. :cheesygrin:

I am going to talk about a dream come true, moving to California. I prayed all my life to live by the ocean and now? I live in one of the greatest cities I have seen. And I moved here with less than 500 to my name. In a Nissan that is now a commanding presence in someone else's life. (He is enjoying the magic of the bullet car. And it will create magic for him too.)

I wake up smiling in a ridiculously cheap (and roomy) two bedroom apartment for my area. I have a cute little Leo child to dress and steer towards the stars. We get in the new car and listen to music. The road to his "alternative school" is next to the mountains that are washed pink in the sunrise coming from over the ocean. He is learning his own style of life in a "Montessori style" public school. Comes home using the words like "dude" and "NO Way, that is so cool." Creating magic out of cardboard and tape. Learning to read in Kindergarten instead of first grade. Wanting to learn and not come home from school. I can't say that I ever felt that way about my school. He is one of the main reasons I traveled to this place on a prayer and it stuck.

I have an artistic dream of my own that I will accomplish. I know I will get over being lazy and attack this idea. It will be successful once I set my mind on the path. I know it will attract the kind of people that I need to help me, because all I have done to get here and be here has "yes" around it. I have met some of the nicest people. Don't get me wrong this town is full of snobs and haters, but I have set myself in situations where I don't have to deal with too many of them (yet).

Finally, where is the love? There is a strong feeling of being in a holding pattern on that one, but the flight will land when its time. All of life is a process. There are things I have to get past before I can get to the love I deserve, as does the "other". The peace I seek is involved in its own flight pattern of rebuilding self worth and trust. Finding their own dream till we meet in the middle. Realizing that the future is ours. And a smile is all we wear when its dark.

A dream is a wish your heart makes. I made a wish the other night when someone wasn't looking. With a teardrop sliding down my face, I felt the wish slide deep into my heart, trying to keep it warm until that dream is also a part of my daily life.

Dreams are what we have when we feel hopeless and alone in these trying times. Remember to focus on your own. Nothing is out of reach if you believe in it and work towards it. Open your mind to your dreams and know that help is everywhere. Be the hand that helps others. You will find a smile and an answer to a dream you didn't even realize you had.

Now. that's my BS. Check out my CUZ's entry. He is a better writer than me. I don't hold that against him at all!

where is the KORN!? *giggles at her bad private joke.*

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