There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, June 29

OK, Drool! But not on the Tablet...

Has anyone had the opportunity to explore this new little slice of heaven from Wacom? I am curious for some feedback.

I have just completed some illustrations for a friends poetry. I realized after doing some painting, I would still have to do some work in Photoshop or Illustrator. I reflected back to my days at Ernst and Young, when I had a WACOM tablet at my desk. The next thought was, I should look around and see what's available now, as I sure could use one in the future.

My toesies started tingling when I saw this one! mem want... mem need... ooo la la la! My first royalty check may be in the shoot to Wacom, or a less expensive distributor.

shicka bow, shicka bow bow... now how to keep it from the child? hm... STEALTHFULLY!

Thursday, June 18


This is an original drawing that I did for an upcoming book for my friend. I promised I would start putting some art up on my sight. Now... that being said, I can tell from the work that I did for this book, I need me some watercolor painting lessons. Or some drawing lessons in general.

When I draw/paint for myself its always surreal and dreamlike, because my dreams are where my inspiration/visions comes from. I have said it before, i have dreams that have come true. So, practically speaking, if I painted from my dreams I would have a road map that would likely give me some lucrative direction.

Requesting some feedback please. I need criticism and praise to continue this work. I appreciate any thoughts you have. (she needs some hair doesn't she? :giggle:)

Its just about Friday~! SUWHEEET!

Monday, June 15

I have a KID question

So today, I am sure that anyone who uses Yahoo Mail, saw this article about Bryce Harper leaving high school after his sophmore year to enroll in college to be prepared for the 2010 baseball draft pick. AND captured a cover of Sports Illustrated.

How many of you chime in for this motion? How many against? I am curious. I now have a little man that could "possibly" be in this position. What would you do for your kids? I mean its baseball, not football so... the risks?

I will chime in after I get some feedback from some of you parents.


I am a slacker. seriously. I have been putting off a project for a friend a LONG, LONG time. Its going to be complete by tomorrow evening. I promised myself and her. I will post one of the drawings here today or tomorrow, so you an see what I am talking about. I know that this is a project which will bring more income at some point. Right now I am feeling like a blimp so nothing seems to be creating waves of motivation.

Since my surgery in September, moving around at all has become a chore. I was non weight bearing for 4 months almost. I didn't get a walking cast till December. Then I was not walking very far for very long since Jan. I didn't even get the appropriate shoes until March. And just now in June am i making it past 3 days in a row with no pain. Literally 3 out of 7 days, my ankle still hurts me. I guess putting metal in my body was a big mistake. But I am walking and its not swelling nearly as much.

Anyway, long story short, I have put on about 25lbs in that time. I guess, being extremely happy in love, I have let other things go unnoticed until lately when I thought holy carp! How are you going to move around with your kid at this weight? Its time for a serious diet. Or gastric bypass. The lap band looks good but I fear the portal! :(

I will let you know my final decision in the weeks to come. Thanks for any input! moving forward...

Thursday, June 11

Am I awake?

I just can't seem to get enough rest and I am not really doing anything strenuous. I am not up to the speed I used to be. Maybe its being a mother, maybe its the size of my home and the amount of people fish and stuff that exists in that space. A lot of maybe's. Mostly I am tired of struggling financially. I will get past that. YES I will.

Today is step one to realizing that dream. I will keep my eyes focused on the diet. I will keep my mind keen on what money comes in and goes out. I will hold a good intention for someone. I will make lists and cross off the things that must be addressed so I don't carry that burden around causing me extra stress and anxiety.

Now. More water, more sleep, more beach time. I love summer at the shore.

Sunday, June 7


Dear Universe. I know that at one point you allowed me the luxury of a washer and dryer inside my actual home. At this point I am working on "manifesting" the return of this luxury. thank you for bringing me abundance and a washer and dryer.

as a prompt by the illustrious Beanie's comment, I have resurrected the "laundrymat blues". yea. its silly. peruse if you DARE!

Thursday, June 4

Questioning Choices

Today I was thinking about childhood. What prompted this was a song I heard on the radio by Jackson Browne. He was reflecting on his childhood and how it brought a smile to his face remembering his friends from that time. I wondered about those times and why its impact was so significant. What stamps our emotional memory so strongly from that time in our lives?

Sure we can say we were fresh to the world back then. Our peers became our greatest emotional bonds. They shared with us things we couldn't share with the elders for fear of exposing our misdeeds. They were the ones we trusted completely without question and ran around the world with. Sharing our splinters, scars and stories.

Some of us grow into adult relationships that reflect some of those aspects. The further we get into adult life the more that innocence seems to leave, even the casual moments we spend with friends. Can we allow them to still exist? Do we remind ourselves that every moment is filled with wonder if we let ourselves? Or do we plod along in the drudgery of everyday scoliosis. Plotting each move based on what we perceive should be happening next.

Maybe I am on the wrong train of thought these days. I find myself looking for problem, looking to solve the problems when I should be embracing the now. Knowing my thoughts won’t solve anything; constantly relearning it’s actions that create motion.

My personal reflection about childhood that really stuck with that string of lyrics is how I have lost momentum. I have to stop giving up and start moving again exploring each possibility with pure vision and promise. The recovery from surgery took me much longer than expected and I am climbing out of “de-feeted” mode.

Anyway. I don’t know if any of this makes sense to others besides me. I just had the vision this morning that all of life could reflect that childhood fervor and maybe I ought to find that again in myself.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 1

All Acronyms All the Time

Just because there is NO way I could keep up with all of them, I have discovered a sight that will enhance the abbreviations associated with a "too lazy to type it out" crowd.

All Acronyms

You too can have the information at your fingertips. Some of them are pages long. sigh... When did communication become coded? I guess I was busy typing all the words out!