There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, July 23

more middle of the night brain surges.

I laid down to sleep and was awaken by the co habitant. ARGGG! I am sure that I am not alone in saying once I fall asleep for about an hour, if someone wakes me up, I am up. For hours. FRACK.

Now as i lay in bed and try to avoid bad thoughts about the person that decided to disturb a fish lady while she is sleeping, i started reading a book titled, Drawing as a Sacred Activity: Simple Steps to Explore Your Feelings and Heal Your Consciousness (Paperback)

Now... i had to slow myself down a couple of times to pay attention because I was tired and upset. There are a lot of truths on the pages about getting in touch with your conscious and subconscious mind. I want to work on finding that person who used to take her notepad wherever she went and never drew much of what she saw. More the drawing of what you want to see inside. It freed me up for a less complicated relevance to the world around me. Getting back to center is the BEST way I can remain balanced and moving forward. I feel like I am all over the place, caught in an uncontrollable current. I don't want my son to grow up and me miss it while I am completely detached looking for myself.

Onward with the pencil and eraser as my sword and shield. And a few good books providing me some exercises to round out the weapons of accomplishment and progress.

wish me the peace to make this happen.

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  1. Hi Mel,
    I will pray that the peace that you seek be found
    In His Light,