There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, September 25

SLACKER & Starshine

Thats me. A slacker. I don't care what you say. Its a badge of consistency and I am sick of it. whew.. I feel purged!

Now on a happier note, I have found a columnist whose writing I adore.

Starshine Roshell, who wrote Keep Your Skirt On, is from my happy little town. Check out her book sometime. I promise you will get a good laugh, feel relieved and enlightened.

Enjoy your weekends!

Tuesday, September 22

Ok. A word I use alot.

I realized the other day, when I get to a point of finishing a thought or doing a project I say OK.

My boyfriend said to me the other day, "What now?"

And i responded, "Why are you saying that?"

He said, " You say OK a lot, and usually its because you have finished a thought or a process."

I laughed out loud and gave him a big hug. I said, "Yea. lets..." (I don't even remember what we were talking about or doing at that point).

It sometimes takes others for us to see ourselves, huh?

Friday, September 18

I am a KLUTZ!!!!

Peaceful Friday afternoon. Work is relaxed and moving smoothly. I have a can of tuna for lunch so I don't have to spend any money eating out. I have that cup and my 1/2 cup of coffee sitting on my desk. I decide oh now I can waste some time by cleaning out my mugs. As I slide them across my desk, someone walks by and talks to me distracting me. Then I feel something cold spilling on me, and the clank of the mug.

Cold, wet coffee all over my white shirt and freshly cleaned jeans! ARGGGGGGGG.... Sigh.

Thats just how my days go sometimes. Smile and smell of hazelnut creamer in a white shirt that will never be white again. Can't have anything nice. Might as well dress in rags everyday, and just be prepared!

Tuesday, September 15


Ok. Some of you may have guessed by coming here infrequently that I am a music consumer. I mean if there were no music, I would cease to remain sane. Don’t even test me on that one.

I truly believe music is a religion of sorts. There is no dissertation at this very moment. I have no concrete factual information to support my theory, it’s just an internal longing I have. I do know that waves of melody cause each of us internal awakenings of one type or another. It is capable of lifting us out of our lives into another parallel above or bringing us closer to an internal voice we can’t absolutely voice. Music can calm, excite, derive, distance, communicate, meld and reunite. If you have seen August Rush, this basically covers the ideas I have about the force of music.

Further more, there is a type of reverence for people that are capable of wrangling these tones and corralling them into bars of notes (with or without lyric) that change our lives. They are viewed as gods, and/or demons. They are everyday people who remind us of this touch by just sitting on our city streets gathering loose change, spreading a message only music can deliver.

What is even more interesting to me is how inherent and diverse it remains despite the regurgitation and repetition through out its evolution. Like thumbprints and portraits, songs can be reminiscent of the past, and there is still originality to each composition.

Whew. what does all THAT mean? I love music. Give me more and more and more. I can't get enough. I have to say that maybe its not better than a couple of things, but its a HECK of a lot better than a lot of others!!!!

Now. Check out a few new bands each week. I downloaded the ITunes Newport Folk Festival sampler from NPR All Songs Considered a few weeks ago and was turned onto "The Low Anthem". The name of the band suits their music, some of their songs remind me of anthems. There is so much good music out there... Find it. Its inspirational, creational and brings us closer to each other in a lot of ways.

Can I get an AMEN!? Peace Out....

Monday, September 14

Live Scribe

Ok all you ADD'ers out there. Can you imagine having this as a tool when you were in College?

The LiveScribe Smart Pen.

This would be the perfect christmas present for all the proud parents of college students that need a little bit more than just taking notes in class (even on a laptop). I know I was one of them. I got lost in lectures, couldn't keep up with the writing, and the tape recording devices of the day were just not as sophisticated technology as today. Some professors wouldn't even let you bring them to class.

Dig deep, forgo the stocking stuffers. It could be the answer to some study issues. I sure wish I could go back and do it all over again with this baby. FER SURE!

Rock Fish

Ok. This weekend was my first ocean fishing off a charter boat experience. I had to rent a reel and pole. I had to buy tackle I will probably not use again for six months. It was three hours out, and three hours back moving from spot to spot. There were a LOT of people on the boat. I am STILL rocking from the trip. I only caught one (and a half(a small) rock fish... It was AWESOME!

I would do it again in a heartbeat, IF I went with less people. I spent a lot of time in tangles. And my reel was screwed. And I have NO clue what to look for when the fish are yanking on the line. Its time to get some experience though.

Who wants to go fishing with me? Give me a week or two to get my land legs, then, yea! I will bait with anchovies and squid and catch some dinner. Its going to be harsh going back to eating "not so fresh fish" after that. yup.

Friday, September 11


Along with the day that Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, this day sticks out in my mind as another reason to doubt mankind, distrust government, don't believe anything you read to be fact, and believe only half of what you see.

I pray everyday for peace amongst the societies of our world and the universe. How barbaric is behavior that tries to eliminate by terror and murder? Are we to remain infantile and self centered humans forever?

Live wisely, keep learning and teaching future generations that these ways have never paid off. And maintain faith we can use these horrific events to rise above this self centered way of life.

my compassions to the victims living and dead from war.

Thursday, September 10

A guest Spot!

Hey all my pals of Bloggerland, I did a guest posting on Cindy's page. Go check it out.

Its about dreaming... like you don't hear enough of that from me already!

Happy Thursday everyone...

Monday, September 7


Wow. Three years ago today, I started this blog. Some good entries and some bad. I have it documented.

Hopefully many more years and better writing! enjoy.

Tuesday, September 1


I have been waking up early for a few days now. When I do, i start thinking the most interesting thoughts. Great ideas. Then I fall back asleep, and when I wake up, I have forgotten them. I need a little memo pad/typewriter by the bed to jot down the little thoughts so I can expound on them later in the day when I have actual cognizance.

I have discovered that I have a head full of ideas, even though I knew this long ago, I finally feel like expounding on them.