There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 17

A book I drew.

Ok.. I can finally release the long awaited news. I illustrated a book for my friend who lives in Texas. Its finally printed!!!!

Check it out. You won't get to see the interior just yet, but here is the initial website.

Butterflies and Flower Petals

I feel relieved. And excited. And I anticipate a lot of good ideas coming from this initial piece of work. I want to be the next Rob Scotton... Who doesn't love SPLAT?

Wish me luck!

(Mom, when you go to the website, click on items. You can order the book from the link above... Thanks!!! LOVE YOU!)

Monday, November 9

White People

I was asking my son's daycare provider if he thought it would give my child a complex because I call him "white man".

He said, "It all depends on how you say it."

I said, "Well, when I am asking him to do things, like, Clean your room up white man!"

My son always says, "Hey, my name is A.J."

I say, "Your name may be A.J. but you are still a white man."

The day care provider said, "Well, its not a lie or a slander. I think you are ok."

I still ponder it and have cut back. I guess I think its going to help him when he gets older and people say that, and he can say yea! so?

So, speaking of white people, the race of tweaky humans I claim as my tribe, here is a deliciously humor filled tribute to my breed of inbreeds.

Stuff White People Like...

Enjoy my long lost internet fall er-ers...

Monday, November 2


Sick this weekend, so missed out on trick or treating! I really am despising my physical status lately. (All that will change sooner than I think, so I must prepare.) I do not feel ugly, I feel immobile. Which is even worse.

The happy thought I keep in my head is that I know love and have love in my life. Nothing has ever been perfect nor is it likely to be in the future. I enjoy the moments when it falls together and I can relax for a minute or two. Life is about movement and I need to be able to keep up. The goal is in place.

In the meantime I have some projects to get going that will fruitfully occupy my mind and my time!!! I am still sick, and I am still moving. Hi Ho Silver... AWAY!