There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, December 3

Scary Dream

I hate having disturbing images in my dreams. It happens frequently. After all the years I have had them, i am only slightly desensitized to them. This one wasn't really spooky, but the image in my head wouldn't leave. It kept me awake for a little while and when I did go back to sleep it still wasn't out of my head. whew...

You want to know don't you? I was in a shop/restaurant/hotel sort of place somewhere. The person at the counter said, watch out for those two over there. I said why? They are always up to something. Today they seem to be bent on torturing themselves with carving tools...

Sure enough I look over and one of the girls is peeling off her skin with a carving tool, making detailed scrolls, not deeply, just a quarter inch into her skin. NO BLOOD! the other girl had a hollow tube and was making swirls up and down her legs... carving away at herself. I could see the areas where the flesh was gone, almost to the bone. Again, NO BLOOD or organs showing. It was like watching wax figures carving themselves up. Making no noises, except a few words to one another while they were "decorating" they called it.

I tried to not look and you know how that goes. I couldn't help but LOOK!!!!! thats when I said in my sleepy brain, you have to wake up, and i did. Read a few words, then made myself forget it and went back to sleep.

Surreal baby... I should have known that first dream I remember as a child that it was going to be a surreal life. I dreamt that I lived in a cave and was the last woman on earth... and I was responsible for procreating a new world... I was maybe 6. yea. scary.

Life is never boring for me. Thank you UNIVERSE!!! i appreciate that gift. more as it evolves.

Happy weekends!

Hey did you see the post below about my book? yea. Check it OUT!

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