There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, December 27

the tree and social services

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend was leaving for his job. he had woken me up. when I was walking to the kitchen I noticed that he had moved all the furniture out of the house. I was asking him why and he wasn't giving me any answers. I walked after him trying to get some answers, then he said something about another christmas tree and having to work. I tried to call him as he was walking out the door, but saw him get into his bosses car. As I was going to the kitchen to grab the broom to clean up the apartment, i noticed that my sisters ex-husband Hutch was wandering about my apartment. I mentioned this situation to him and he just grunted and was his usual apathetic towards others self. I grabbed a broom and started sweeping, but nothing was coming up easily.

I went outside to try and clean the broom, and look for the furniture. when I wandered back to the house I noticed a bunch of people had come to my house. They were from Social Services. They took me outside while they looked around my house. They asked me a bunch of questions about the furniture, and also about why I had all these things around, when was I going to get rid of them. It was a strange interview, there were about 20 of them all together. They said they were going to be there all day and I asked them if they expected me to feed the them lunch, of course they said. I laughed. Then we went to their offices. I arrived at the building and there were 2 men in black on the roof top with binoculars and microphones. Then we somehow climbed to the top of that building and there were 3 beauty queen contestants there with elbow length gloves and tiara;s. The interviewer said of them, your friends came because they wanted to help you.

We walked into the seemingly empty building and it was a college/school/library. As we walked past all the classrooms, there were children, young and old, and teachers. Behind these rooms were the offices. I had an armload of personal items with me that I just noticed. The man who was my main interrogator asked me to wait. I sat down in an examination area and started writing a journal on clear plastic cellophane. Then all kinds of baby animals appeared; a duck, a kitten, then he came back and asked me to follow him. Thats when I realized i had a journal, so i decided to use that to write in. Then my son woke me up!

Could dreams be any weirder?

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