There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, March 28

Cramp in my Leg

Last nights dream was fairly intense. In real time, I have had "ankle fusion" on my left ankle. It has finally gotten to a point of feeling less like a "franken-ankle" and more like an actual mobile unit. I haven't been walking around much in the last week due to another procedure I had done March 18th. (More on that later). When I don't walk around on it much then get up and actually spend the day walking, like yesterday, AND not enough water, I get cramps in my calf while I sleep. Now before you give me the "stretching" speech, understand that my left ankle has a reduced mobility factor that only allows 60% of a normal forward and backward flex. ie: can't ever point my toes again, like I did when I was diving in high school. So its never fully "stretched". Now on with my dream.

I remember I was doing some work around the house and then my leg started cramping up. I started thinking dangit i was sleeping so nicely too. Then someone came up to me saying here you go, and handed me a booklet with pictures on it. There is a coupon card to use when you have leg cramps. You just say the words, cramp be gone, and your leg wont hurt anymore. Sure enough. I picked one coupon, and my cramps were gone immediately. ANd i said a grateful prayer and sat there thinking how wonderful. No more cramps while I sleep and the dream continued.

Angel intervention? Maybe so. I sure lost the cramp in my leg immediately. Is it really that easy? and the treasure of kindness is the greatest treasure of all...


  1. That is so AWESOME. PRAISE GOD!!!

  2. Hello!
    Nice blog! :D Love the header! :)
    I also have cramp in my leg. Hmmm i dont know why..

    Have a great day
    Erica in Singapore