There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, April 20

The Deep End of the Pool

Last week I dove down into the deep end of the pool. I needed to get under the water for a few days to just hear the quiet. Let the quiet resonate inside my cavernous soul. Sometimes you have to disappear to reappear renewed. A wise person told me last week, "Your strength is amazing. I never would have been able to handle things the way you are handling them." Even that moment of inspiration didn't give rise to my sleeping soul.

I basically hid away from the world staring into the mirror, staring into the reflection of my disinterest with the world outside my door. I can hear you self proclaimed "therapists" saying, you have to get out of your head. Well duh!!! This action doesn't happen easily. Once in a while I have to lay in the still water to rest and remember how GREAT life can be. The times in between these "self absorbed greif" naps will grow longer.

Sigh... art therapy here I come!!! First piece completed yesterday. More to come. ty talent for saving me from the deep end of the pool.

Sunday, April 3

Bird Dreams

i was in a class that was teaching us to communicate with animals. We were released to practice. I wandered to a remote area of the park, sat on a bench, started listening and staring at the tree in front of me. I closed my eyes imagining an adolescent hawk flying and landing on my hand. When I opened my eyes the hawk was on the tree branch 20 yards in front me. When I held out my hand the bird flew toward me and landed on my hand. We sat on that bench for a while, me stroking the bird and we were communicating with our eyes. I was thinking without words and it felt amazing. Someone walked by, startled the bird, and it flew off at that moment. I thought how peaceful it must be to be able to just think without words, realizing I actually accomplished that. At that point a cat wandered in and came right up to me and we sat and purred for a little bit. The teacher walked up to me saying, "you are getting some good practice in". I said, " Cats and Dogs are easy. I did end up with a hawk on my hand. That was amazing."

He responded, "Not many people can communicate with birds easily."
I said, "It was amazing."

Then some other students walked up and I felt the need to get away from them. I wandered off saying out loud... "Just think, BIRD. Just BIRD."

Sunny beautiful day, light breeze and with a contented soul.