There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, September 14

Lets Talk

I have carved a career in marketing and advertising. Embellishing products or services with adjectives to make them more attractive. Me. A woman that says whats on her mind WAY too often. The other day I couldn't say a word. I felt closed off. A first meeting with someone whose mind I found highly intriguing. I didn't really want to say too much. I like to listen and get the lay of the land. Treading lightly as to not disturb the land mines of people that have had poor relationships. (I know I have).

Trust is a tricky issue, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. I will never understand men, but that is so OK by me!!! Its how things should be. If we were too similar there would be absolutely NO intercourse. *giggle* There is something about that edge of difference that draws us to one another.

I felt it deep down, didn't you? yea BABY! lets get it ON. :giggle:

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