There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, September 28

She's BACK

I had a dream about Oprah last night again! She was in an older outfit, something she had worn in a dream of mine a long time ago. Very provincial and kind of conservative! She was on her way to church, and was late. I thought to myself I need to ask her something, so I chased after her. I was too slow and did not catch up to her by the time she went inside. The rest of the dream was contemplation I just don't remember it too much.

Oprah started appearing in my dreams before I moved to California then kind of disappeared once I settled into Santa Barbara. I remember thinking to myself this morning, she's BACK! Her presence in my dreams is a sign of something pertaining to my town. Now to decipher.

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