There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, October 16

I'm a Gatherer

This Script song has been stuck in my head since I heard it on Thursday. Its way poppy, cheesy, and corny. The reverb set on this mans voice, the soft simple harmonies that fit underneath, and the words that repeat soothe me in a "message fits here" spot. Some days those types of melodies keep your feet walking forward. I will never forget the first set of tunes that got my feet walking with purpose, Mr. Elton John, with his album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Subsequently, I went through a progression of piano players, as the sound of a piano sings to my soul like a rain storm. Music awakens me to thoughts and visions directing me to transcribe events into words with a creative necessity.

In our lives we follow the series of events and are masters of destiny in a precarious way. Control is just a plank we stand on over an infinity of opportunities. Don't be afraid of that singular stance that keeps us tethered. Isn't it beautiful to see the balloons floating by, all the various colors that present themselves? We reach to collect them into bunches so we can hold on to their splendor for a moment longer and absorb all they offer. We are forced to let go when they start to deflate, in order to keep our balance. No worries my dears, another balloon soars by in an instant.

Fear of losing is just a fear. Fear of "not obtaining" is just a fear. Fear is a cage you can choose to live in your whole life. You are the only key-master of that illusion. I am so grateful to have been the oldest of my siblings. I realized at an early age destiny wasn't based on the ideals of others. Its based on the ability to maintain a balance of what is right and select a balance of those rights to maintain my freedom. The bravest of us stand on our planks abandoning fear,  one hand reaching for balloons while the other is letting go. I have found music gives our gathering rhythm. The words allow familiar descriptions which comfort and soothe us. Jump or sway, soar or dip, waltz or pogo, its your dance. Find a song that fits your life today. Tomorrow another balloon will soar by and offer you a different perspective.

Your own talents will send balloons into others gathering and give someone else a glimpse of your perspective.  This fish LOVES her ability to swim amongst all of you, gathering your balloons as they soar by. Hope you grab some of mine too.

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