There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, February 23


when you are offered flowers of love,
gather the delicate bouquet to your face,
deeply breath in their fragrance,
embrace the colors shining in all directions,
remove all your lingering doubts,
these blossoms are meant for you,
they were cultivated for your senses,
watered with tears of sorrow and joy,
nurtured with the glow of hope,
presented with joyous abandon,
placing trust again in a stranger,
knowing that the risks are great,
braving conventional fears in an irrational manner,
waiting, watching, hoping for that smile,
which makes all those risks worthwhile,
hearing life's sweet chorus sing yes yes yes...
there is love here and i see you.

I am beauty, love, light and laughter. No matter what anyone says, I will be nothing less... There are times when I see people doubting love and looking at me in disbelief as I show unashamed love.  I feel like reaching out to them saying, watch and learn! Pain isn't anything but a thing. GET-T-F over it. Why would you keep yourself from running to the huge amount of joy love provides you because of that little blister you might have in your shoe from a previous walk?

Today I realized I may be standing in front of a man who is not allowing himself to see a huge reward the universe has offered us both. I believed in him when he reached out to me and kept believing despite his fears and hiding. Sadly, now, I fear he will have to re-earn that reward from me, if he even chooses to. Damn choices, eh mate? I wish him only the best as I always have. I am grateful to be reminded I can choose to stop over thinking things. That EVERYONE has boundaries that should be honored. How wonderful it feels to give your affections to a person you have a connection with and deem worthy. It reestablished the "I am worthy" of a certain level of respect and its time to stand up for that. My sweet friend, find your rewards here as well and stop being sad. You could always give up the fears and let us be friends. We could just play and enjoy life without expectations or anger or micro management of our time, or some kind of map to where the freaking wagon train will lead us next, and just have FUN! cuz really? Joy is what its all about. btw? I still feel you around me. You are still in my thoughts daily.

And as usual, on the music therapy side of all MY situations, I have been having an affair with Gavin Degraw's album/CD Sweeter (as if you didn't notice... HA. i love redundancies). I started February with Soldier, and in writing this entry? I gravitated to Stealing.  I think I am going out to get a mic and a guitar... "we had a good time, then it was sorrow, i called it stealing, you called it borrowed..." :whistle:

hey did you like my poem? its was kinda groovy wasn't it? yea baby!!!!

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