There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, February 27


Last nights dream was all about team work (dream work). I was surrounded by people that were holding my hand and guiding me through purpose. Whatever purpose that was. I feel I am surrounded by spirits/people/energy that is helping me through a phase right now, and its MIGHTY nice to finally feel a part of the collective.

I remember part of the dream involving some artwork that needed being done. Part, I was at a resort working, it was winter time and we had to secure the upstairs of a hotel for some reason! That part of the dream felt the most comforting, as everyone at that moment was selfless, laughing and really accomplishing something despite the odds.

Another part of the dream I was in an RV by the ocean with some other misfits. A huge tsunami (why is that word spelled with a t?) came in and our RV was floating. For some reason I had climbed up on top and was safe. I remember bouncing around like it was a top, and reaching for a good male friend who had been on the ground painting at the time and was floating around in the turbulent waters (yea i caught him, and pulled him to safety). I felt HUGELY relieved that he was back on the bus with us. It was nice to feel that everyone was safe.

At one point I was cruising through the airport, preparing for a departure. It was a trial run through this family member was putting me through. I was wearing heels, and had to take them off. I was severely "buggered" that this chic was making me hike across the airport at that moment because it was 24 hours before my flight, if not more. But a purpose all the same.

Final segment was spent with a man, someone that I don't really know, and we were in bed together. Interesting that we were outside in bed and the weather was very cold. That whole process with him was like WORK, and I remember feeling extremely frustrated with his callous behavior. His inability to find a way to make me feel wanted or was happy/appreciated that I was there placed the final straw and I got out of there. Post haste.

Dreams; an every night reminder that my mind has a lot of information sifting through it, and sometimes I don't even gather how much till my body is at rest. I used to remember them all. Now only half the time, and thats OK!

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