There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, March 29

climbing a ladder

Very intense dreams last night, or this morning I should say. I wish I could remember them all, but here is a small part of one.

I was with a group of people, and I was chosen to be amongst the group to meet a very important spiritual leader, almost like a god in many peoples eyes. I crossed a stream of water up a grassy hill, to a level ground in front of an old house that looked condemned. I stood in line with all men, I was the only woman there at that moment. I was hugged and offered greetings by the workers keeping the people in line moving towards the "spiritual one". One by one they walked up to this figure and had an exchange of words, or embraces, then they would walk back down the hill. While i stood there, I heard rumors that every once in a while, someone would be condemned to go into the house (which basically represented hell). Immediately my thought went to, OH wow!!! so thats why I am here... I am the only woman and was randomly chosen before crossing the stream to this place.

Sure enough I walked up to the leader and he said to me, "There is no personal or justifiable reason why, but you have been chosen to enter the house. It is a test of course to see if you can handle hell."
Me: "Yea I assumed being the only woman in line, that I was being singled out for some reason."
Idol/leader: "Don't worry things aren't always as they appear."

I nodded and resigned myself to entering the building, expecting the other side being gloomy and dark and full of bullets/guns and stuff. I walked in and the interior looked like it had been burnt out.. lots of burnt wood laying around and a semi burnt structure. In the middle of this room was a ladder leading up to another level, it seemed light up there.. I was being forced by two men with guns to climb up this ladder. Once I got to the top of it, I entered a "play room". It was a huge loft area with games, and easels and paints, sewing machines, etc. There were people up there smiling and having a wonderful time creating things. I thought, Well now I know what hell is... having to do the same thing as other people! This is heaven!

A very interesting dream. I am wondering how to infuse all that into my brain today! fun.

OK so, Lauri, Dream Interpretor, had me call into her show today and do a reading about this dream! Seems the spirits, or self, is guiding me to pursue my creative talents and make a go of it. Thanks Lauri!

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