There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, March 4

I care, therefore I do

My friends never have to wonder what I think about their presence in my life, nor the affections I have for them. But sometimes, you spend time to shower them with affection and attention and they shit on ya!  Life is a series of lessons I thought I had already learned, and accomplishing tasks that dont always turn out like I thought they would. 

People, even when bad things happen, you have to be grateful as they put you in a place to realize how good you have had it! and you need to express that gratitude as it FREES you for better things to come. Gratitude for negative things implants the desires, the seeds of growth to give you the assurance of joy to come. This game of life is all a balancing act my friends... and if you sit on your end of the see saw with your feet on the ground you are leaving someone else hanging in mid air WAITING on your sorry ass to get over it and push off. 

So that being metaphorically beaten to death, I think I will take this current pile of shit that someone left here for me and plant some daisies... because at this point? Daisies are much more appealing. 

Maybe I need a dog. Dogs communicate with pure love and appreciation immediately no words necessary! You have to love any creature that freely expresses gratitude no matter the situation, or condition of their own lives. The expression of joy in the moment is all we really have to be hopeful for, and a choice that we can make at ANY time despite any condition in life. 
Well, there is one other thing to look forward to, besos.. muy besos.

Communication isn't commitment, its acknowledgment in a form we HUMANS have become accustomed to using when working within these confines of a physical body. Try it. OR you cold train the world how to pick up and talk to each other using telepathic abilities!!!! Now THAT would really help things out, but take a bite out of conventional methods of transferring info. 

OH and Happy Birthday to my friend R

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