There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, March 21

Personality by Advertisement

My Biz 101 instructor gave us an extra credit assignment this weekend. Why wouldn't you do an extra credit assignment right? So you want to know what it is? huh? do ya do ya? Ok FINE! *giggle*

Pick up a magazine, flip through it, pick out an advertisement. 
Who is the target market? (Use methods of segmentation discussed from text)
How was the product positioned?
What stage of the product life cycle is the product in?
Was this advertisement effective?

So I chose the ragtagpaperwaster, Vanity Fair. I had a copy with the "royal couple" on the cover. I don't do magazines, this one must have been picked up on a trip somewhere or from my mom or sister who are read-a-holic's... I flipped through it and guess what I found that stood out to me... Bottled Water (2 separate brands) Ozarka & SmartWater, 2 hugely different marketing approaches. Ozarka's slogan was "Born Better"; SmartWater "Smart because it’s made that way”.

I did my analysis, including the target market for Vanity Fair starting it out. As you can imagine, the demographic for Vanity Fair is geared for the sexy (Jennifer Aniston), naked, contrived, B&W, classic backwards s style marketing approach of the SmartWater ad much more than the our planet, au-natural, go green, locally sourced approach of Ozarka. I thought it was a pure stroke of genius to select these two separate ads pushing a product we basically don't need to buy in the first place. 

Does marketing sell products people? DAYUM tootin.... and you are the fish waiting for the bait. My instructor at the end of class yesterday said to us, "Now, I want you to think about the ads you chose because it directly relates to who you are. Your selection says something about you as a consumer."

Dude, REALLY? I am a bipolar, skeptical, appreciating all art forms, price unfettered, educated consumer. BIPOLAR... did you catch that? sigh. did anyone else do two ads? decisions decisions.. always two half's to each agenda and you gotta make a choice. I choose to daly between two worlds and enjoy each just a little bit.

Devil or angel, who you gonna be today? mwha hahahahaa!!!!!

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