There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Saturday, October 13


I don't know why some people are intuitive and others are not. All my life I have been able to feel things or see things that come from others around me, picked up on energies and emotions without  having to think at all. I described it once to a questioning skeptic saying its like looking at a picture on a wall. You can see what is happening and thats that, no more no less. Its like being in an art gallery, you wander amongst people and you can see images that come from their energies, like paintings on a wall. Since moving to california, this ability has moved towards having more acute physical reactions and clearer visions. Maybe its the energy of where I live, I couldn't explain why, it just is.

Recently, I met someone that I felt connected to in a deeper sense than most. The last two days, visions have come into my mind or should I say that my body has had physical reactions to something he is giving off. I don't know why this shit happens, but I do know he isn't aware of me knowing any of this. And I don't really mind either way. Life is an organic mess of energies melding together and moving about between the sweat and balls. It will be curious to see what stories come from the next few months of life, and of the visions I have seen, which of them will be dismissed by free will, and which roads will be allowed to manifest, by free will.

I do know others outward disrespect of me will cut their waste out of my life, especially those that underestimate me, take advantage of me or judge me as weak or stupid because I am kind, generous and forgiving. My intuition isn't always right on in the areas of love, and that may be a protective element of human nature. I don't do vindictive. The world has enough dark energy on its own without me adding to the pile. Anyway, the person of whom I speak is kind, generous and forgiving despite his prickly exterior. He does have a bad habit of putting me on a "list" and secularizing me. I don't take it personally, he has a lot to think about. And not even sure I am on the range of thought. But I can sure pick up on him, and assume he is capable of doing the same of me.

And if he isn't? thats his loss, and mine. Will not be the first or the last time... sigh. I don't do fake well at all, even though I was a decent actress. bleh.  Peace earthlings.

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