There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, October 23

Your voice

These days people don't find it significant to speak to someone on the phone. Our daily ritual of texting and instant messaging, and facebooking and twittering and instagramming, we have lost the "organic" touch of our lives. I think that its just easier to be an asshole online than in person. You don't have to answer directly to your assholishness.  Keeping your relationships online is a cowards copout. Most of you are just making excuses for why being pedantic is so fucking important. blah blah blah!

WE all have our quirks, neurosis and patterns. WE spend our time justifying personal worries and problems, making time to answer the questions that continue to feed our insecurity, instead of just saying "BULLOCKS, I am HUMAN accept me as I am. and if you don't like it? go live with the robots."

Today, Melanie says, F'that.. come on my pirate-mates... lets board ship and hit the ocean. Load up the barrels of rum, and provisions, and set sail. At least out there are real monsters living in deep waters, an open frontier that wont be filled with electronic static and stagnation. The power struggle for who is on top of the dead heap of humans will be behind us. Hell if i wasn't so afraid of my head exploding in space, I would saddle up with some rocket scientists and offer myself as a guinea pig to travel out ward to the edges of the universe.  Well that and my son couldn't go with me, and that would suck.

Ok my little tirade is over and I will continue to accept the slow drip of the agonizing death of boredom!!! lol...Time to start writing scripts for short films... and actually filming them. That might help me fight off the tedium of waiting on a decent consistant sex life, and a good conversation that doesn't include corruption, politics, pessimism, or POO! (yea... little boys are fascinated with poo and farts)

Where are you my creative mate? NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to hear our voice in my ear... speaking of where life can take us instead of where we shouldn't be or why where we are isn't good enough. Reality is reality, and all the words  in the world wont change it, but you don't have to sit in shit and talk about it, you could just keep walking forward and call it a spa treatment. RIGHT?


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