There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, November 23

The Bucket List

You know, as I have been fielding my trials and tribs this weird, weird astrologically, spiritually, and soulful journey that has been the last year of my wonderfully abundant existence, I have had reoccurring visions of things I haven't done  and reminded myself, oh wait! You aren't DEAD! woohoo! BONUS!

So, in light of said rediscovery, I have decided to create a bucket list... Some of these things are completely and utterly egotistical nonsense, ie: desires I may NEVER act upon, but mostly? This inspriation needs to be taken CARE of.

Melanie's BUCKET List:

1: Fishing trip to Alaska. I want to bait and hook and catch some large fishes, wearing fur lined clothing.

2. Venice: I want to wear a beautiful black and white costume at a Venice Italy costume party, then ride in a gondola and kiss the night away.

3. I want to do Formula Car racing. I have ALWAYS loved driving fast, in small cars... top speed watching the world as a blur. Heck I would take the Autoban with a Ferrari at this point, but I would love to hit a Formula race track... and feel that power under me while steering.

4. Have a partner that I can love unconditionally and know they felt the same about me.

5. PODCAST: I am the purveyor of new constitution. I am in tune, i see, I feel, I recognize, I don't judge. I appreciate. I'm doing a podcast.

6. Have one of my paintings hang in a museum.

7. Make a film. Completely visionary, no agenda, just beauty. The only message being joy.

8. Disneyland with my son. Riding rides, having a laugh, eating CRAP food, not worrying about what anything costs, and feeling the joy of just being happy in a totally unrealistic but enjoyable space.

9. Help my son understand his empathetic nature and how to nurture it to his highest good without prejudice.

10. I want to ride in a Hot Air Balloon. Maybe in Napa.

11. Be able to use my ankle normally again (this is going to take a miracle, but I am going to keep believing it can happen, cuz i am built to choose).

12. Have a home, with a washer and dryer, a yard, so we can have a dog, a cat, and a place to play basketball or baseball, or heck BBQ and sit outside.

13. Amsterdam at Christmastime!!!! right?

14. Slap someone that REALLY deserves to be told to STFU!... sigh. I know, anger management, and it wont help anything except to make ME feel better, but sheesh! its on the list.

15. I have never done the "flamming bag of poop". I'd like to see that!

16. Streak!!!!! i don't know where or when, but yea! my ugly naked body in protest running free.

17. Niagra Falls. haven't seen it.

18.  Create an entire album (CD/MP3's)  of MY sound, wishfully in my OWN studio, with my son and my friends.

19. Kiss someone I LOVE under a waterfall... Fiji? Hawaii? Mexico? I don't care. just tongues and waterfalls...

20. I want a sustainable Farm.. one that farms fish, so i know that they are heavy metal free. And I am contributing to a healthier planet through the real medicine of our lives, food.

21. Most of all, and this is SOOOO pollyana, but its my freaking list so deal! I want to help make the world a more peaceful place. As we reproduce exponentially, we stress our planet and ourselves. We deserve an oasis that isn't filled with panacea. THATS a dream, but anything can happen. 21 BLACK jack... isn't that appropriate? its odd more people don't associate physics or numerology to events or outcome. Moving ON~

22. Write a novel about why/how we choose life, and a childrens book about understanding and believing that you are who you are, no person can take that from you.

I once said to someone I know, we are an abandoned race of aliens clinging to a dying planet. I wish that wasn't so, but since I am part of the breed, lets make the best of it before the zombie apocalypse.

More to come.

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