There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, January 23

Men are dicks

They are just bodies lead around by a diving rod that rules their minds.

YEA i know thats not wholly true, but damn ladies, if you have more than a C cup? Men are dicks. Learning to deal with it is the future.

Friday, January 18


I am literally homeless! My 9 year old son and I are couch surfing... Its been an amazing adventure. Honestly things could have been so much worse! Opportunities are so much more sacred when they appear. Bed seems so much sweeter, friends are so much more dear.

I know this is all happening for a reason. I haven't EVER been homeless in my life. Now with a child in tow its even more stressful. I have a good idea for us to move forward. It will help us both find some footing.

I keep thinking of the seen in "Avatar" where all the indigenous people are sitting around the tree of souls holding hands and chanting. I pray my spirits, guides and in real time friends are on that platform with me pushing energy in a positive manner. I feel you all.

We are on the path to a great new place.

Thursday, January 17

Dumb Luck

Who knew? I am not a plotter or a planner. Its not in my nature. I follow the path of enlightenment and discovery. Trusting the universe to show me what wonderment is following me and/or leading me.

So what dumb luck brought me to the name of this blog? It just fits as I see it, and now without provication or manipulation, hits high up on the "google" search. BONUS.

Now I need to make the most of it. Maybe. giggle. I have no clear vision to where I should be going or how that is supposed to look. I have to trust the people that see me that way as well, no matter where they come from.

My mind is on writing... Let it be so.

Sunday, January 13

We can.

Each day of my adult life, I have had to remind myself I am an amazing person. I pray that each day of my son's life, he never fights that demon. He is completely amazing. I want him to know and believe that each time he opens his eyes from dreaming or doubting life, he realizes he is an element that makes destiny more amazing.

We are all a drip-drop that creates the next ripple. Doubt is a silent killer. Believe in you. Its pretty much all you got. 

Saturday, January 12

What have I done to myself?

Life is about choice to choice... And things happen that are meant to make us even better than we expect ourselves to be. This week is a GREAT example of that.

I have had an upheaval in life, which might have been shortened a bit if i had done some actions that would have created a quicker recovery, but one of my main issues is avoidance.

I am not responsible for what expectations my family has of me. I am not responsible for the expectations that my friends have of me. I am an amazing woman, and everything is happening for a reason. I love life. I have seen people who DONT know me during this situation that remind me how staunch and resilient I am. How calm and positive I am. They have spoken it outloud! They have reminded me I am special, and my son is lucky to have me. Doubt B gone! I am free and ready for the next level of my life, which will continue my amazing experience.

Love is without expectation, or judgement... thats what I deserve in this life. I will have it. I am ready to choose it over any thing else. Thanks for the support, my core universe.

Sunday, January 6

My brain is saying WRITE

And since I don't know where to go with that, here is where i am!

Modern day revolutionaries have become just as judgmental as the powers they are trying to rise above. Tolerance in the US has become as instantaneous as a BIC lighter and as characteristic as WalMart. Their offers of hope are vacant at best, but they still have a huge ego. I am not sure I could do any better, but I sure as hell wouldn't be any worse.

Why is it we aren't utilizing the 2000 years of wisdom that has come before us? We call ourselves evolved and yet we all battle in our own skins in EACH moment? I see the beauty of how many are willing to attend to others, giving everything, and expecting nothing. And I question why there is such an imbalance. 

I am a warrior for the light, and not the dark. I seek the dark to understand its obsession, and share with it the light it needs, for I can NOT move forward until that is accomplished. Isn't all any of us want is peace? and or piece of mind? And yet so many of us TEAR at each other with reckless abandon out of fear and instinct. That may be a very base way of seeing reality.  

or maybe this is all some kind of acid flashback, and I am the walrus... 

See, hear!

If you speak your mind, you are likely to be misinterpreted. If you keep your mouth shut, you are still likely to be misinterpreted. Remember that judgement from others isn't based on you at all. Just so you know. 

Thursday, January 3

Naked Truth

You know when you are stripped of all you believe to be important, it comes down to what really is. You find your true self in those moments. All shiny and new again.