There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, March 26


And today is the day I realize what that means... and how I can change it by just regarding myself. understand its my lifes challenge, that so much time I have spent disregarding myself, its time to ingest good foods, in amounts that I need, and not to feed something food will  never nourish.

Find what that is and nourish it.

April 4. 182

goal: 135

Friday, March 22

A MAN... i have a boy.

I want a man that challenges my mind, not my devotion.

I want a man that sees me and enjoys me being myself.

I want a man that is happy knowing who he is, even if who he is isn’t normal for everyone, 
in fact I would prefer him to not be like everyone else.

I want a man that enjoys sex, not perversion.

I want a man that wants to help me stay active, not by dictation by opportunity.

I want a man that is creative

I want a man that loves music

I want a man that communicates with me, no matter how mad we are at each other, or at the world.

I want a man that I can shower with love, without reservation. 

I want a man. 

Tuesday, March 12

Relationship Status

You know all your "personal" social media pages have a profile information box. One of the established parameters is your "relationship status".

And the only option ANYONE should ever choose? Establishing relationship with SELF! All the rest are just entertainment until I am ready to compromise...

RIGHT??? (thats kalifornication for the southern AMEN).

Monday, March 11

are you a friend

Sometimes people won't be your friend because they worry about what other people think.
Sometimes people can't be your friend because they worry about what other people think.
Sometimes people choose not to be your friend, because they don't trust themselves enough to stop worrying what other people think.

are you my friend? or am i just something to keep you from being bored?

I think that the people in my life I care about are wonderful... and I don't care who has an opinion about that, because no one else gets to live my life! its MINE!!!

BONUS. = o )

Friday, March 8


Finally I have a day off... I am driving to the city to hang with my bestest married friends and gather intel about food. I am going to be out of there by 5 pm, and not back to my town till midnight...

BB, Meet me for dinner or a coffee... k? fingers crossed. xo

Wednesday, March 6


I am not a woman that has expensive jewelry, and yet the pieces I do own are priceless to me… let me explain. Like some people tattoo themselves to remind them of some purpose, (or whatever reason they put ink on their skin, a custom I have yet to understand), my thought is they are marking themselves in honor of something or someone. For me that’s what jewelry is for, and I think there are others like me. 

My inventory: 

A claddah ring that was given to me by my father, I have had for years.

A moustache mood ring that reminds me of my son, and our joyful times.

A thin silver cuff bracelet that I have had since I was 25, and never taken off. It reminds me of a friend, and of my years on this planet.

A beaded bracelet created by a bed ridden lady that I met a few years ago, who has since passed on. To me that reminds me life is a shining light, never take it for granted.

I wear a “camel bell” bracelet that I bought on a whim years ago. It jingles! Sounds of any kind keep me sharp, and I prefer pleasant sounds.

I have a necklace with a crystal on it to bind good energy to me.

Earrings are simple silver hoops, as not to distract people from looking me in the eye.

That’s a small breakdown of what I tend to always wear. I would probably have more bracelets if I had more money. I love silver, it works for me, gold is too flashy and I don’t like its energy.

Tuesday, March 5

My love

Isn't like a blanket that will cover you and smother you

its more like a wind that will support and lift you

giving you a gentle breeze of encouragement

sending you a kiss and a  hope

wishing only the best of all you encounter

when you are near or far

allow it to be... love.