There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, May 27


Yesterday, I spent the evening at a party with some friends. I saw an unknown man walk in with a woman, and I swore it was someone I know. I mean honestly, it couldn't have been as this gentleman was older, and didn't say anything to me. And wearing shoes I know that my friend wouldn't ever put on! Funny that I would think that huh?

The woman came up and took my picture but didn't talk to me much, and didn't take anyone elses picture. ODD! Something about the entire "process" had my spidey senses all jumpy. I wasn't scared, or intimidated, but SOMETHING was up with that situation. I hope it becomes clear at some point why and what that was about.

Everything happens for a reason. Im happy and thats all that matters... Life is settling out and I am feeling more motivated. I hope my friend and I get to see each other again someday. Makes me smile to think on it...


Saturday, May 25

Do you worry?

Do you ever think on situations where you could have done something different, but you didn't? And that if you HAD done something different, you might not have missed out on something?

I hope this isn't the case, and I am not a worrier by nature. But I don't want to lose a friend because I can't commit to what I feel and how that affects me.

Is being just who I am enough?

Monday, May 20

Are you on this planet?

You know, people that have all the money and make decisions for the rest of us, existence IS Economy. You kill off the bees, feed us bad food, you are KILLING the economy. Counterproductive. Reorganize your "top shelf" by taking the rotten marbles outta your gourd.

Sunday, May 19

Who Was I then

That day, the one that sparked it.

That day, the one that marked it in time.

Who Was I then?

How is it now?

giving into the joy of not caring, and moving forward.

Thursday, May 16


I know what love is. It doesn't scare me anymore than ghosts... What scares me most is when others feel it and hide it away, wont let it out. Disguise themselves as patrons of the world, defenders of truth, then lie to themselves over the smallest of things based on an original lie. One finger out, four pointing back. You are on fire. Your fear will not let go of the fire. The vision of what my water is capable of doing for you was laid out in my head BY you. Good luck lying to yourself about that reality.

My love knows no bounds and I am free to expand into the world. Your lack of faith in me has tarnished me dark, my darling friend. LOVE you.. and all you do.