There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, July 15

I think when I am in my car

So today I kinda figured out that at one point, you really were kind and open with me, and it was so refreshing to actually see someone on my same mental wavelength i could talk to!   I know who you are inside, you have shown me in my dreams, and you still do. Past that time we shared time, you became distant, reclusive and combative. I don't mind absorbing your harsh, bb. Patience is one of my strongest virtues, especially with wounded people. At some point though, your capability to damage every relationship you have will over come ours as well.

Forgiveness is a virtue and a necessity, you have forgiven my stupidity time and again. I return in kind, although your education in the world exceeds mine, i have never been an idiot. You have to deal with me on an emotional level. Its just my empathic, psychic nature. i don't play games, i say what i mean. forthright and immediate. I see the world in that way. I hate makeup, masks, games, posers and fakes. YOu aren't any of those. I want nothing more from you than for you to smile as much as possible and be at peace and safe and find your true fun, no matter where it is. I never asked you for anything other than communication. I am so grateful for that spit of time when you thought i was worth it.

i don't connect to many people in this life in a deeply spiritual sense. i am as intuitive as they come, but this is different. when you decide to honor our deeper connection, we will be friends. until then? i will send my love, and you will be sarcastic and ridicule me for it. You'll never be able to stop me from who I am meant to be bb. I admire you full-stop. NO questions. Im deep, and so are you .... GET the fuck OVER it already.

good luck NIGZ...

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