There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, February 27

Monday Poetry

When the world thinks they know you
But the really have no clue
How to open your door into truth?

False accusations are just words on a page
Don’t block your path forward with guilt as a shield
The path ever changing is the only way on

To be what you are and to right all your wrongs
Don’t ever let others blame you for their pain
NO relationship is one sided when it comes to fame.

With true acceptance and proper goodbyes
You move into the light of sunnier skies
The past is a promise you know how to live

And the future is the opportunity to continue to give. <

Sunday, February 5


I made it through  a long session this winter. I don't think I have been as aware of how down I could get until now, and that is saying something! I have experienced so much I didn't feel it was possible. I think seeing my aging parents and my teenager son grow to be taller than me has reminded me that the end could happen. :)

What lead me to writing today was how to find an inspiration to continue out these days of my life, which is a great deal! I will be where I want to be - but what guides me? My life has been like an ocean voyage from one place to another, a traveler of sorts. I like that sort of life. Each stop gives me more information, more interaction, more energy for living and creating inspiration. I have been pretty static for a few years, so its itchy feet time again. I think I need to not ignore it, but not necessarily follow it this time around!

I am looking for a way to really find what I want out of life, which seems weird at my age, but so be it. I know I seek more spiritual enlightenment, and I argue with that because I have a child, and in order to really find that you must abandon all "attachments". Learning what the balance is maybe the only lesson I have during this phase of enlightenment.

I am posting these here because no one reads my blog and I need a place to journal that I will go to and keep up with.