There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, November 19

Virtual Mystics Group Post

I started a page/group (technically Jayden started it, and I made it flourish) called Virtual Mystics. The other day an innocent question turned into a twisted conversation about racism. It literally had me swimming in about 50 directions. I should have ended it before it started and never engaged. I felt as a leader of the group that I 'could' attempt to make a civil conversation about it, but that's not what happened. Hopefully, it ts my last lesson in attempting to have conversations that trigger others in a calm manner. HA~ Here was my post at the end of the day, after deleting the entire commotion.

Today was rough on my heart. AND as the poverty-stricken, spiritually driven, ancient and hopeful white girl leader of this group, I choose to see that controversy can teach each of us, that words can be harmful triggers to issues we need to be facing. We all know that love is what is driving all of us to try help others. When we disallow someone the right to ask a question in regards to their needs we become trapped in a cycle of retribution by disagreeing via our OWN experiences. I wouldn't discount theirs any more than they should discount mine. That being said, NO more. The educational post from today is being removed - I do suggest that it teaches you that no matter what, opinions and reality are two diff snakes and trying to charm them both at once is a bitch. I don't relish being a leader, I do it so we can learn from each other how to better navigate, and I would never presume to tell any of you to do to it my way... because I am flawed. But I do expect you all to understand that we are here to remain peaceful and respectful. I'm not a dictator, and none of you should be either. Love isn't indifference. Love is energy. Indifference is a choice. Choosing to love instead of hate is a choice. Be calm, stay safe, be true to yourself. 

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